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Behind the Passion

We are Touchpoint.


We are a creative powerhouse specializing in helping small businesses make a difference. We live in the intersection where purpose and soul connect and have a passion for taking ideas and bringing them to life in a meaningful way.


We are experts in pulling out the authentic genius from our clients and building a brand around it that speaks from the heart. We do this with our superpower of being fluent in human and using our trained lens of empathy to see through the noise. This allows us to capture your true voice and connect the dots throughout every touchpoint so your story, your brand, and your soul can make its own dent in the world.

Jacob Kleinman Phillips - Owner, Creative Trailblazer, & Brand Design Specialist


Photo taken by Mark Gambol

Behind the Passion

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Published and Featured

Some of the stories behind the magic

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Inspiring the Next Generation

Asked to give a talk in Marlborough, England to inspire high schoolers from Marlborough College on how they can use design to change the world

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