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The Steps for a Soul-Centered Brand

Our Process

Step 1

Start with a BrandIgnite

Dare to embrace your genius and amplify your uniqueness?

The Brand Ignite is a deep-dive interview into the soul of your brand. Its purpose is to learn everything about your business from where you’ve been, where you’re at, and where you want to go. This is where we will uncover the why behind your business and what sets you apart from the crowd so you can fearlessly take your business to the next level. Then we will give you an action plan highlighting all the steps needed to hit the ground running with a brand that speaks from the heart, connects directly to the people you want to help most, and helps you achieve your goals.

You can then implement these steps on your own, or allow us to work our magic and make it happen for you. Work with us and the price of your BrandIgnite gets applied to your BrandFlow package moving forward.


Not sure if this is right for you? Book a 15-minute call with Jake to see if we're a good fit.


Step 2

Next a BrandFlow Package

Once we complete your BrandIgnite, you will have the action plan that is needed to implement exactly what you need to hit the ground running. You can then either implement those steps on your own or we can then work together with a tailored package from the list below that best suits your needs.

BrandFlow Starter

Perfect for new or growing small business owners wanting to ditch the DIY logo and jump right into the action with something they are proud of sharing. We focus on the fundamentals and only create the core essentials of what you need to have impactful change.

This usually includes your logo or design and build of your website, a couple identity materials, and consulting help with copy writing, content creating strategies, or additional collateral.

*Previous payment from the BrandIgnite cost is applied to this package.

Starting at


BrandFlow Premium

This package is for clients needing a bit more fuel to the fire to connect with the right people and showcase their full value. This package usually includes your logo, the design and build of your website, a few identity materials, consulting help with copy writing and content creating strategies, development of your service products and offerings.

This is our most popular BrandFlow package because it fulfills the needs of most purpose-driven businesses we meet.

*Previous payment from the BrandIgnite cost is applied to this package.

BrandFlow Elite

A full rebrand or jumpstart with all the bells and whistles and every bit of magic needed for future success. This includes BrandFlow Premium deliverables and may also include much larger or more creative website needs, additional collateral, a photoshoot, a marketing plan and strategy that truly helps you shine twice as bright as the competition.

*Previous payment from the BrandIgnite cost is applied to this package.

Starting at


Starting at


Ready to get started? Book your BrandIgnite and let's get to work.

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